About me

Hi! My name is Jackie, and I think I've loved stones and crystals all my life. I remember as a child collecting stones from the beach. I never liked the pretty ones, but preferred the strangely-shaped ones or those with odd colours. They held a strange power for me, and were prized possessions regardless of what others may have thought or said.

As a teenager I loved amber and almost all the jewellery I owned was amber.

Despite my early love of stones and jewellery I lost touch with them and as often happens life got in the way. It took the death of my nephew to make me stop and think that there must be more to life than this. With my best friend I started to look for something more and we both started our training in Reiki, the journey had begun. I still remember my first attunement and wondered if the energy I could feel was real or all in my head. This lead to us both qualifying as Master Reiki Teachers, but still something was missing. I found a Crystal Course taught by Philip Permutt, he seemed to be top of his field and I thought if I’m going to learn I want to learn from the best. Philip told me that crystals would change my life - well, that's a big statement I thought! It turns out that he was right; on the second day I couldn't stop smiling and knew that I had found my path. I hope that I can help you to discover the magic of stones and crystals and start to understand that they have always been part of our lives.

My other big interest is helping others through Neuro Linguistic Programming Coaching. Read more here