Energy Workshop 2

This is a workshop to further explore working with energy

The workshop is for anyone who has already attended my energy workshop.

The workshop is hands-on and you will have a full range of crystals to use and during the course.

Energy Workshop Part 2

The workshop will include:

• A recap of energy workshop 1
• Sensing things with your pendulum
• Sensing energy with your hands and tuning into the different frequency of energy
• Working with crystals and how this effects the aura
• Sensing the energy of chakras with a pendulum
• Sensing the chakras with your hand.
• Sensing other peoples energy
• Reading peoples energy
• Protecting your energy
• Grounding yourself and your energy.
• Shielding your energy
• Distant healing
• Manifesting

Cost: £85

All equipment will be provided.

Course Date:  9th June 2024

Time of Course:  10.30 am to 3.00pm

Location: Letcombe Bassett Village Hall just outside Wantage Oxfordshire

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Terms & Conditions
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