Crystal information

There are many ways to clean and cleanse your crystals; find a method that suits you and your crystal best.

WATER Check if your crystal is water soluble. If it is not then wash the crystal under a running tap, visualising the water cleansing and cleaning.

SUNLIGHT Leave your crystal in sunlight. Remember to be careful as some crystals like quartz will focus the sunlight and could be a fire risk. Do not leave quartz unattended or near flammable objects.

MOONLIGHT Leave your crystal in the moonlight especially when there is a full or new moon.

EARTH Bury your crystal in the earth and leave for one or two weeks, or two moon cycles. Bury it when the moon is full and unearth it at the new moon. However, mark the spot where you bury it so you don't forget where it is!

SMOKE Use a smudge stick of sage, sandalwood or frankincense to waft over your crystals.

ANOTHER CRYSTAL Place your crystal on an amethyst bed, quartz cluster or inside a geode.

SOUND You can use chanting, drumming or Tibetan bells/symbols.

REIKI Either holding the crystal in your hand and let the Reiki flow. If you are attuned to Reiki II you can draw the symbols over the crystal.