Since meeting Crystaljak my knowledge and understanding of the use of crystals has been transformed. Through her guidance I have learned how crystals can be used to promote emotional wellbeing, protect from negative energies, increase fertility and aid in healing. I have always been very happy the information and advice Crystaljak has given and I would highly recommend her products and services. - SG


Following a road traffic accident many years ago my attitude towards driving changed. I had a reluctance to drive on unfamiliar roads and would never venture onto a motorway. The thought of it made my heart beat really fast and I felt physically sick.
After one coaching session with Jackie where we spoke about the incident, revisited the memory and worked with and around it......I was amazed that the following day I drove on the M40 without giving it a second thought. This is now a regular occurrence (twice a week) and I'm even planning a trip to Glastonbury........thank you Jackie for helping me to open that door!

Jackie has opened my eyes to a beautiful world of colour and energy. Crystals, as we know, come in a range of sizes and colours but through Jackie I have become aware of the unique energies that they possess. Energies that can help us in so many ways and especially when it comes to healing. Jackie has recommended, demonstrated and supplied me with some amazing crystals and I look forward to learning much more by attending one of her courses. Thank you Jackie for introducing me to crystals and making me see that they are so much more than just visually beautiful. - VH



I can highly recommend Jackie’s Crystals and Coaching services, I am lucky enough to have experienced some life changing results with her NLP, partically with a techniques she used with me. I was able to let go of the terrible pain of past childhood experiences and learn to love and accept myself. Jackie’s sessions were always very interactive and focused on my needs.

The sessions offered a great deal of support and understanding in a comfortable and welcoming surrounding.

I have been purchasing Jackie’s high quality crystals for a number of years now and have attended one of her incredible crystal workshops. The workshop gave more than an insight into using crystals for healing and I have continued to use the techniques to this day.

I love Jackie’s soft and gentle energy, she is a powerful healer with the professionalism of modern training techniques. Her approach is unique as she has a wealth of knowledge and experience across many fields which is reflected in her practice. - SB


Did I meet my objective? Yes but surprisingly not in the way I had thought. The session really pushed me to get to the root of the problem, and the root of the problem was not something that I had expected. It was tough to confront but necessary. 

What went well? Jackie provided a gentle but firm hand. There was no room for wriggling out of confronting what I needed to. 

Anything that could have been done better? No  - LL


Working with Jackie has been a life changing experience for me. Her coaching sessions consistently provide fresh opportunities to discern the true nature of my life situation, to become clearly aware of where I am, where I really want to go and most importantly, what I need to do to get there. Once the way is clear, Jackie's coaching provides an effective accountability mechanism to keep me on the path that I have chosen. In just a few months, I've seen my stress level drop and my overall personal and professional life satisfaction grow by leaps and bounds.  Thank you Jackie for helping me make my dreams come true. - AW