NLP Coaching

NLP stands for Neuro Linguistic Programming.

NLP was devised by two men called Bandler and Grinder as a process that allows people to look at things differently to enable themselves to see that they have many choices in any situation and allow them to feel differently and to become ‘unstuck’. It gives that person control over their life and any situation.

Coaching is very different from other forms of talking therapy. There is no advice giving, no looking for people to blame, no digging through previous experiences. We look to what you want to achieve or work on and through talking and careful questions we arrive at a solution that you find that is the most useful one for you. The solution that sounds right for you – and the most important thing is that it’s your solution so it will be right for you and will be more likely to work for you.

The combination of NLP and coaching is very powerful; NLP helps to clear the blockages, beliefs or old thought patterns that hold you back and the coaching helps you to find your own solutions.

Changes can be achieved in one session. People often think that change can’t happen quickly, but when they look at a problem in a unique way they suddenly see what they need to do, or what they aren’t doing, to solve the problem.

NLP can be used for phobia coaching with amazing effects that immediately allow you to feel a difference and no longer be frozen with fear. Imagine living your life without fear – imagine what you could do, what you could achieve and the joy that would bring to your life.

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