Crystals & Crystal Healing Course, Part 2 – 2 days


This is the second part of the Crystal Healing Series of Courses

This course builds on Part I and it is a pre-requisite that you have taken the Part I course. This course is for anyone wishing to use Crystal Healing as a holistic therapy or to deepen your knowledge. On completion of the course you will receive a Practitioner Certificate.

The Course is 2 days followed by a requirement for you to complete 6 case studies and a written essay on crystal healing. There is no time limit on the submission of the case studies and essay, but a certificate cannot be issued until these have been completed and assessed.

All crystals required for the course will be available for use together with information from the day.


Part 2 syllabus includes:

• Review of Part I Course and queries
• Further work on selecting and identifying crystals
• Things go consider as a practicing Crystal Healer
• Ethics
• Insurance
• Treatment Room
• Advertising
• Client information and treatment sheets
• Support network
• Advance Healing Techniques with more detailed crystal layouts
• Crystal Grids
• Crystal Elixirs
• Crystal Meditation
• Ongoing support